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Rehberg hits economic theme during Missoula convention

MISSOULA- Republican U.S. Senate candidate Denny Rehberg says that as Election Day nears it's going to be a tough and expensive race, but he's ready to take Jon Tester's seat in Senate.

It's being called the most contentious race in the state, but Rehberg told the faithful gathered at the Montana State Republican Convention in Missoula that he can give the country as a Montana senator, hands down against incumbent Jon Tester.

"Every day that goes by that we have not turned this economy around is another day lost to their golden years [to those] on a fixed income. That is not right. That is not the American that I want to live in. That is not the America that was handed to us, but we jeopardize handing [that] to the next generation. Those are the kind of decisions that are going have to be made in Washington DC," Rehberg said during his Friday speech.

Rehberg says big government spending is robbing our parent's of their retirement and will rob our children out of a future.

And if there wasn't enough to debate in politics, the Montana Broadcasters Association and Denny Rehberg are disputing over a televised debate, which is scheduled to air right here on Montana's News Station next week.

Rehberg says he was never made aware there was a debate, yet the head of the MBA says Rehberg confirmed the event several times.

Rehberg's staffers told Montana's News Station on Friday that the Congressman is flying back to Montana the morning of the debate and asked to push it back a few hours, so he could attend. They say his request was denied.

Rehberg and Tester held their first debate on Saturday in Big Sky.

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