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Mar 10, 2013 7:33 PM by MTN News - Butte

Phillipsburg begins effort to attract new residents

PHILIPSBURG - Montana's last census revealed Philipsburg's population decreased by 12%, and now the local Rotary Club is holding a year-long campaign to attract new residents.

"If we get a small number of people to live here, we will consider our whole project very successful," said Ed Lord, a rotary member and chairman of the campaign.

Club members are hoping to attract young families to influence the small school system in Phillipsburg.

"Without a viable school you don't have a very viable community," said Steve Immenschuh, a rotary member and retired sheriff.

Families who may move to the area can look forward to a low student-to-teacher ratio. Shirley Beck, a local business owner, said her businesses have thrived in Philipsburg.

"There are people who are interested in coming and purchasing what you have, either your service or your product," Beck said.

Phillipsburg experiences an intense three months of tourism in the summer. "We work hard to turn our visitors into, that come as tourists, into lifetime customers," Beck said.

The area offers skiing, hunting, and fishing, which are all within a short driving distance. "Just about anything you want to do outdoors we've got it," Lord said.

Phillipsburg is about 30 minutes away from the Interstate from any direction you try to get to it. Philipsburg has little to no crime, and community members are proud to say they have sunshine nearly 350 days a year.

"Neither Montana nor Philipsburg are for everybody, but this, if you want a special place to live you should look at this place," said Jim Jenner, a rotary member.

The Rotary Club hopes to increase the population in Philipsburg by 10%.


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