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Apr 28, 2012 9:51 PM by Evan Weborg (KXLH Helena)

Hundreds gather in Helena for women's rights

HELENA- Americans gathered together for women's rights across the country on Saturday and one of the many rallies was held in Helena.

Men and women gathered in the hundreds on the Capitol lawn to unite against in what they perceive as a "war on women."

"We all stand here today because enough is enough," volunteer Bridgette Case Guild said."

Women's rights have been getting a lot of attention across the country and this has even become a campaign issue in Montana.

"It is important to come out and stand in solidarity with other men and women to stand up for the basic right that women should be enjoy in our community including, safety from violence, the right to choose, the right to make health care decision, and certainly the right to be empowered to make their own life choices," Montana Coalition Executive Director Kelsen Young said.

Leaders discussed a comparison between today's fight and the fight for women's rights in the 1960's.

"We were burning bras back then it sounds silly. we were fighting equal pay back then and we are still not there it just seem silly to be going over the same things," attendee Gail Caron commented.

"Equality is not yet reality and we must fight and hope that the next generation that our children our grand children will live in a world where is over so lets rally the troops and lets show Montana, America, and the rest of the world that we are going to fight for equality and we are going to get it," MSU graduate student Meg Huntoon added..


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