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Dec 28, 2012 9:21 PM by Beth Beechie - MTN News

Vandals hit Great Falls Christmas display

GREAT FALLS - The Sherman home, along 2nd Avenue North, features a spectacular display of holiday lights, inflatable characters, and decorations during the Christmas season, but their holiday joy has been interrupted by vandals.

Gary Sherman said, "I'm an emotional person. And I started to bawl. I really did."

The Shermans say they're thankful for watchful neighbor Curt Wojciechowski; Gary says if Curt had not scared the vandals off, more damage could have been done to their property.

But Curt says he didn't think twice about getting involved: "You gotta do your duty. It's the only thing you can do."

And while the damage was minimized by Wojciechowski's actions, enough was done to the Sherman's spirits.

They say about $400 in damage was done, and after 25 years of decorating and being vandalized almost every year, this one has hurt them the most.

Gary said, "It hurts me. It does, it hurts me inside. And I don't know if I could go through it every year."

The Shermans have thought about more security but feel they shouldn't have to go that far because all the decorations aren't for them.

Gary explained, "I do it for the kids. And for the adults that come by. And I've - my display has grown up with kids. We have kids that come by every single night."

And while the kids and supporters give the Shermans joy around this holiday season, he says he's still uncertain about decorating again.

But he is grateful for those who watch out for his love of Christmas: "I have great neighbors, you know, they watch out for me."

The Shermans say they'll do their best to sew and repair the damaged decorations, but most was damaged beyond repair.


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