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Apr 6, 2013 10:27 PM by Katy Harris - MTN News

Butte DQ back in business after fire

BUTTE- The Butte Dairy Queen shut down in 2011 after a fire ravaged the building, but on Friday a new DQ opened in its place.

The Dairy Queen mascot stood outside on the Harrison Avenue sidewalk. Curly Q says, "It's been absolutely wonderful. We've had lots and lots of honks. We've had a lot of enthusiasm from parents and kids, a lot of pictures being taken."

"We're just really excited to be here and to be open and we thank you to the Butte community for having us and being so excited about the DQ being opened back up," she added.

People of all ages showed up at Dairy Queen to enjoy their shakes and dilly bars. Obadiah and Octavia Breeton said they've waited 80 days for the new Dairy Queen to open up.

Bill Holton and his wife owned the old Dairy Queen building for 26 years, and he's amazed at the transformation.

"It's a whole different world. I mean this is absolutely a gorgeous thing for Butte and for this section of Harrison Avenue," says Holton.

Chief Executive Matt Vincent says the new Dairy Queen is a good example of a visible investment.

"It's providing some good service sector jobs. Any of the people that worked on it, it was almost all Butte contracted labor and it can't get any better than that," says Vincent.

DQ owner Tony King says he ordered about $33,000 worth of product to be prepared for opening week. King bought the Dairy Queen store in 1999.


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