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Nov 30, 2012 8:27 AM by MTN News

Baucus wants to bring troops home from Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, DC. - Montana Senator Max Baucus is pushing to end America's longest war and bring our troops home from Afghanistan.

The Democrat was successful on Thursday in amending the National Defense Authorization Act, calling on the President to accelerate the timeline to end regular combat operations, and draw down U.S. troop levels.

"It's beyond time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and invest in nation-building at home," Baucus said. "It's time for Afghans to take responsibility for their own country."

Baucus' amendment calls on President Obama to steadily draw down U.S. troop levels and hand over lead security responsibility to Afghanistan government by mid-summer of 2013. The amendment also clarifies that it does not limit the President's authority to track al Qaeda forces.

His amendment passed the Senate by a vote of 62-33.

Since the death of Osama bin Laden, Sen. Baucus has repeatedly called for a change of course in Afghanistan. He led a bi-partisan group of 24 Senators last March who called on the President to bring American combat forces home from Afghanistan.


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