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Sep 11, 2012 1:06 PM by Bernie Riggs - KPAX News

A Waiting Child - Charlie

MISSOULA- This month's A Waiting Child is a very intelligent and caring young man who enjoys school, music, and repairing things around the house.

Fourteen-year-old Charlie has been living in group homes or foster care since he was eight, and started the ninth grade this year.

"I love it. I couldn't wait! The fact that I actually got to pick the classes that I like is... awesome," Charlie told reporter Bernie Riggs.

He gets good grades in school and enjoys classes like science, welding, and physics because he likes understanding how things work.

"I love building things. Every time I buy something I play with it for a little while and then I take it apart, see how it works, put it back together, play with it more," Charlie explained.

He has also won several school awards for inspiring others. "My attitude is that, if you don't try you're never going to get better or you're never going to learn," he told us.

It's an attitude that Charlie has used often. He loves music and through practice he is teaching himself how to play the djembe and guitar.

"It's frustrating because I wish I could play a lot faster, but I also have the privilege to say that I taught myself and be proud of it," Charlie said.

He hopes to find a new family, where both the mother and father are engaged.

"I would like it if both parents were involved with what's going on and interested in what I want to learn and interact with me as well so that's probably the most important thing that I want," Charlie concluded.

Learn more about Charlie, and others who need to adopted, by calling (406) 657.3120.

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